Funding Announcements for Population Health Nursing

AACN Funding Opportunity: Population Health/Social Determinants of Health Case Studies

AACN is providing two small grants ($5,000 maximum potential award) to faculty to support the development of an educational unfolding case study focused on population health and social determinants of health concepts across the continuum of care. The case study should teach nursing students to: identify social factors that impact the health of their patients and communities; include community-based and other social services and programs in the care of their patients; and understand how the choices and engagement of nursing professionals can impact the health of patients and populations. Each unfolding case study will include a quiz or other form of student assessment pilot tested with at least 5 students and a facilitator guide for instructors. The case study will be adapted by AACN for online completion by nursing students across the nation. For background, eligibility, and application information, visit the Awards Announcement. Applications for the awards are due Wednesday, December 4, 2019. For more information contact the Associate Director of Population Health Initiatives Allison Jacobs at