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2019 Master's Education Conference Podium Abstracts

9:00-9:25 a.m.
9:30-9:55 a.m.
10:00-10:25 a.m.
11:00-11:25 a.m.
11:30-11:55 a.m.
12:00-12:25 p.m.

Advancing an Interprofessional Healthcare Partnership: The Crimson Care Collaborative, Florida Salons I-III
Patricia Reidy, DNP; Co-Author(s): Antonia Makosky
Subject Area: Interprofessional Practice

Perceptions and Writing Experiences of Nursing Students: A Mixed Methods Exploration of Writing Self-Efficacy, Meeting Room 1
Lori Sprenger, PhD
Subject Area: Innovative Teaching

Innovative Approach for Mapping the Clinical Core (3Ps) and Connecting the Concepts, Meeting Rooms 5-6
Denise Lucas, PhD; Co-Author(s): Laura Crimm, Frank Kosnosky
Subject Area: Innovative Teaching

Gun Violence Aftermath: The Approach to Holistic Nursing Care, Meeting Rooms 8-10 
Kelly Phillips, PhD; Co-Author(s): Jacquelynne Henney, Nathaniel Bartlett, Hunter Perrin
Subject Area: Other

Which Comes First-Poor Coping Strategies or Compassion Fatigue: Encouraging Students to Think Outside the Box in Concept Analysis as a Personal Growth Initiative, Meeting Room 12
Kathy Holloway, DNP
Subject Area: Innovative Teaching

Apple Bootcamp Jumpstart: Publishing an Interprofessional eBook Case Study for FNP Students, Florida Salons I-III
Janis Guilbeau, DNP; Co-Author(s): Lisa Delhomme
Subject Area: Interprofessional Practice

The Future of Purposeful Reading: Using PDF Editors to Orient Adult Learners to the Reading of Nursing Scholarship, Meeting Room 1
Dana Brackney, PhD; Co-Author(s): Susan Lane
Subject Area: Innovative Teaching

Innovative Teaching Strategies for Master’s Education - Evaluation of Clinical Preceptors, Meeting Rooms 5-6
Donna Hallas, PhD; Co-Author(s): Carolynn Spera Bruno
Subject Area: Innovative Teaching

Adopting a Mobile-Device Classroom Response System in an Online Nursing Environment: Enhancing Learning, Innovation and Engagement in Master’s Online Education, Meeting Rooms 8-10 
Edmund J. Y. Pajarillo, PhD; Co-Author(s): Daniel B. Kaplan
Subject Area: Other

Why Promote Mindfulness in Nursing Academics? Students Share Their Mindfulness Experiences, Meeting Room 12
Kathleen Spadaro, PhD; Co-Author(s): Diane Hunker
Subject Area: Innovative Teaching

Interprofessional Model for Advanced Practice Fellowships In Non-Academic Medical Models, Florida Salons I-III
Susan Perry, PhD; Co-Author(s): Marcia Johansson, Ann Joyce
Subject Area: Interprofessional Practice

Use of a Multi-Touch eBook to Teach SOAP Note Writing, Meeting Room 1
Jeanne Moore, DNP
Subject Area: Innovative Teaching

Primary Care On-Call: Nurse Practitioner Students Taking After Hours Call, Meeting Rooms 5-6
Elizabeth Blunt, PhD
Subject Area: Innovative Teaching

Pediatric Grand Rounds: Online Simulations using REELDx, Meeting Rooms 8-10 
Tammy Whitehead, DNP; Co-Author(s): Tia Andrighetti
Subject Area: Innovative Teaching

Mentoring Across Borders: Integration of Chinese Nursing Scholars into a Graduate Evidence-based Practice Project, Meeting Room 12
Elizabeth Roe, PhD; Co-Author(s): Sally Decker, Karen Brown-Fackler, Lin Wang, Li Zhang
Subject Area: Innovative Teaching

Interprofessional Multiple Patient Clinical Simulation by Health Science Students, Designed to Change Practice., Florida Salons I-III
Janice Wilcox, DNP; Co-Author(s): Carolyn McClerking, Lisa Rohrig, Marcia Nahikian-Nelms, Monica Robinson, Erin Thomas, Georgianna Sergakis, Jennifer Brello, Jill Clutter
Subject Area: Interprofessional Practice

You Should Publish That!, Meeting Room 1
Christine Berte, EdD
Subject Area: Innovative Teaching

Practice Makes Permanent: Facilitating Deep Learning Through Simulation, Meeting Rooms 5-6
Eileen Werdman, DNP; Co-Author(s): Robin Wagner
Subject Area: Innovative Teaching

Using Online Wikis for Assessment Transforms Student Articulation of Learning, Meeting Rooms 8-10 
Elizabeth Bonham, PhD
Subject Area: Innovative Teaching

Preparing MSN Nurses for the Future of Healthcare: Integrating MSN Specialty Tracks in the Practicum and Capstone Courses, Meeting Room 12
Michelle Doas, EdD; Co-Author(s): Kathleen Spadaro
Subject Area: Innovative Teaching

Strategies for Improving Communication, Interprofessional Teamwork, and Clinical Problem Solving, While Developing Graduate Student Nurse Practitioner Leadership Skills, Florida Salons I-III
Susan Kimble, DNP; Co-Author(s): Elaine Spencer-Carver
Subject Area: Interprofessional Practice

Meeting the MSN Essentials: Innovative Learning Opportunities in a Master's Entry into Professional Nursing Program, Meeting Room 1
Diane Chlebowy, PhD; Co-Author(s): Karen Black, Sarah Carter
Subject Area: Innovative Teaching

Virtual Simulation: Suspending Disbelief to Create a Real World Interaction, Meeting Rooms 5-6
Kay Gaehle, PhD; Co-Author(s): Kevin Stein, Amelia Perez, Bernadette Sobzcak
Subject Area: Innovative Teaching

The Integration of Pharmacogenomics into Clinical Practice using Virtual Reality, Meeting Rooms 8-10 
Patricia Brennan, PhD
Subject Area: Innovative Teaching

MSN Students, NCNA, and Weekly Presence at the NC General Assembly, Meeting Room 12
Linda O'Boyle, EdD
Subject Area: Innovative Teaching

We All Need Each Other: Creating an Optimal Work Environment in a Multigenerational Workforce, Florida Salons I-III
Carmen McDonald, PhD
Subject Area: Diverse Workforce

Make It Stick: Mindsets and Nursing Student Learning, Meeting Room 1
Cheryl Williams, PhD
Subject Area: Innovative Teaching

Nurses' Faith and Its Impact on the Spiritual Component of Holistic Care to Patients in Oncology, Meeting Rooms 5-6
Sarah Miller, EdD
Subject Area: Innovative Teaching

Utilizing Gamification Techniques Without Playing a Game: How to Design, Develop and Deploy Engaging Online Content to Promote Student Learning, Meeting Rooms 8-10 
Elizabeth Heavey, PhD
Subject Area: Innovative Teaching

Learning Leadership Skills in Quality and Safety: Interactive Application of Kamishibai Cards, Meeting Room 12
Carrie Silvers, MSN; Co-Author(s): Cheryl Lacasse
Subject Area: Innovative Teaching