In This Section

2020 PhD Pre-Conference Presentations

Opportunities and Challenges to Research Doctoral Education in Nursing for 2030?

  • Address - where are we going - futurist vision
  • What are the main issues of the future (what is the ‘preferred’ ratio of PhDs to DNPs)
  • Following up on key issues raised in opening panel of 2019 conference

Metrics for Assessing Research Doctoral Education

  • What do we know and what do we need to know (should align with keynote)
  • Metrics should include what we need in our profession as well as patterns of other professions
  • How do we know when we have achieved the outcomes that we aim to achieve - depends on the value proposition for each school but there may be some commonalities.
  • What are the successful outcomes for PhD nurses in areas other than academia
  • In PhD programs that do not have faculty actively engaged in research - they are ‘teaching it but not doing it’ - what does this mean for student outcomes and expectations

Energizing and Creating Faculty Champions for Research Doctoral Programs

  • Addressing comments from 2019 conference - how can faculty be the reason students want to pursue a PhD and an academic career
  • Strategies to motivate BSN students to pursue a career as a nurse scientist
  • Knowing what is important to do
  • Recruiting via modeling the positive aspects of academic career

Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders of Research Doctoral Programs

  • Some disagreement/lack of clarity on this topic - needs more discussion by committee
  • Consider the following topics:
    • Leaders of nursing science education - preparing PhD students to become Deans or leaders of doctoral programs;
    • Building skills and experience in research track faculty who can grow into leaders of programs
    • Various approaches Deans use to build research faculty to advance doctoral education
    • What kinds of leadership positions do graduates of research focused doctoral programs take?
    • Moving nursing practice with leaders prepared with research doctorates
    • Interprofessional and team science leaders - leadership positions in team science