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Conference Recordings

Conference Recordings - Watch Anywhere - Computer, Tablet, Phone
AACN Conference Recordings provide AACN members and other academic nursing leaders access to a comprehensive collection of knowledge and resources. Content from industry experts and trendsetters is made available online at the conclusion of an event, allowing you to re-visit attended sessions or to access entire events and/or sessions you may have missed. 

Be inspired by thought leaders!

Access what you need, when you need it!

Hear quality content including podium abstracts presentations!

Earn CEs!

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Conference Recordings Currently Available

Academic Nursing Leadership Conference

2019     Conference Theme:    Building on Success: Creating our Preferred Future

2018     Conference Theme:    Moral Courage, Agility, and Resiliency: Leadership Strategies for Winning Results

Deans Annual Meeting

2019     Conference Theme:    Reflecting on the Past, Looking to the Future

Doctoral Education Conference

2020     Conference Theme:    Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges: Engineering Pathways for the Future

2019    Conference Theme:    Doctoral Education: From Discovery to Translation

Baccalaureate Education Conference

2019     Conference Theme:    New Horizons in Academic Nursing

2018     Conference Theme:    Navigating Through a Sea of Change: Educating Nurses to Take the Helm

Pricing & FAQs

Conference recordings are available for purchase as single session or conference packages/bundles. AACN Members benefit from discounted pricing!

View available recordings for purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I qualify for the On-Demand streaming?

On Demand is available with the purchase of the Flash Drive Works Package, the Season Pass, the Fast Pass, or with the purchase of any individual session.

What will I be receiving?

With On-Demand you receive complete access to download or stream all purchased recordings, simply log in to your Playback Now account with your email address and password.

Will program handouts be included?

Most handouts will be available in a PDF format. Many sessions will also be available as AudioPoints™, a new visual format that features synced PowerPoints with the actual program audio.

What do I need to do to stream the program recordings?

In your dashboard, once you log in to Playback Now, you will see a list of all your purchased recordings, click on the session title and the session will stream from your browser window.

Why are my streaming sessions not playing?

Sessions may not stream because of various factors. See the list below for possible reasons and solutions to streaming issues:

Some companies may block streaming access on their network. If you are trying to stream from your workplace please be sure that streaming access is allowed through that network.

The strength of your internet connection will affect streaming quality. If you are having problems using a wireless connection, try streaming from a cable/wired connection to get better streaming quality.

For a reliable viewing experience, we recommend a downstream connection speed of at least 700Kbps, to test your speed, go to

If streaming problems persist, and you have download access to your session, you may save the file to your computer and play the session directly from your computer's hard drive as an alternate way of accessing and playing the file.

How do I know which programs are being recorded?

Review the Playback Now brochure, you may have received one at the event or click here to find a list of events and brochures. You may also search the site by topic, presenter or keyword.

What if l didn't receive my On Demand login setup email?

For assistance, please call +1 770-447-0616 (9:00-5:00 EST)

What if I prefer to have hard copy USB Flash Drive instead of downloads?

Flash drives are available only with a Works Package. You may purchase your package online or call Playback Now at +1 770-447-0616 for assistance. (9:00-5:00 EST)