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CNL Module License Information


  • A site license may be purchased by a school or other healthcare institution/organization.
  • The cost to purchase a license is $2500.
  • One license allows up to 20 users to access the complete CNL Certification Exam Review Course (package of all 12 modules).  
  • The users may be students, faculty, graduates, healthcare providers, etc. as determined by the owner of the license. 
  • More than one license may be purchased to accommodate more than 20 users as necessary.
  • There is not a time limit on the use of the license.
  • AACN will monitor the number of users to ensure that each license does not exceed 20 users.

How to Purchase

Step 1. Purchase the number of licenses required.

Step 2. AACN provides the purchaser with a promotional code within 5 business days. 

Step 3. The license owner distributes promotional codes only to the designated users of the course.

Step 4. Each user must register with AACN’s website if they are not already registered. 

Step 5. The user (individual seeking contact hours) must go to AACN’s online store and click on “CNL Certification Exam Review Course.” 

Step 6. The user registers for the CNL Certification Exam Review Course (complete package of 12 modules) and enters the assigned promotional code. Do not apply the promotional code to individual modules but to the complete course package. 

NOTE: The actual registration to access the course must be completed by the individual seeking contact hours – the license owner is not authorized to register each user.


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For more information contact AACN's Administrative Assistant, Sean Holloway at