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How to Apply to Multiple Nursing Schools with One Application

NursingCAS is an easy way to apply to nursing school. It is the nation's only service that enables individuals to apply to multiple nursing programs of interest offered at all levels with one, online application and set of transcript(s). The service helps to streamline the application process while providing guidance, updates, and support to applicants every step of the way.

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Resources for Students

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Student News & Announcements

  • GNSA Bulletin - March 2023 Edition

    Students— March 2, 2023

    Focusing on Wellness as a Graduate Nursing Student

    For the past eight years, I have done a tremendous amount of work in mental health and wellness. I had the opportunity to launch the United States Navy's first telemental health program in 2016, and I served on the Caregiver Occupational Stress Control Team.

  • GNSA Bulletin - February 2023 Edition

    Students— February 1, 2023

    Last summer marked the last in-person professional conference I attended for 2022. The Graduate Nurse Student Academy (GNSA) conference, held in Washington DC, featured an amazing line up of nurse leaders and graduate students.

  • GNSA Bulletin - January 2023 Edition

    Students— January 12, 2023

    Happy New Year GNSA community! I hope you all had a wonderful start to the year. As we begin the Spring 2023 semester, I wanted to share a few great opportunities for you to learn more about the role of nurses in healthcare policy. 

  • GNSA Bulletin - December 2022 Edition

    Students— December 7, 2022

    As a current PhD student with work, school, and grant commitments, I like to use the end of the year to recharge. Part of my recharge includes coming up with a game plan to help me tackle all of the coming activities and responsibilities in the new year.

  • GNSA Bulletin - November 2022 Edition

    Students— November 3, 2022

    In October 2012, AACN officially launched the Graduate Nursing Student Academy (GNSA). Focused on providing resources and professional development opportunities to graduate students at AACN member institutions, the GNSA has enjoyed seeing thousands of students engage through various activities, which have propelled their nursing careers to new heights.