Special Thanks to Members and Partners for Supporting AACN's 50th Anniversary


Program Ads

AACN's 50th Anniversary Program gives you the chance to personally give your congratulations to AACN for 50 years in academic nursing. Place your order on the 50th Anniversary website here, then e-mail the file of your ad to Cat Proulx at cproulx@aacnnursing.org. Ads must be emailed in .pdf format and received by Friday, September 13. Ads should be congratulatory in nature and not promotional.

View ad options, dimensions, and examples here

All proceeds collected from program ads will be used as seed money to launch a new faculty research grant program to be initiated by AACN in 2020. Your support for the gala program will having a lasting impact that will help usher in new innovations in nursing education and practice.

Additional Funding Support for Faculty Research Grants
If you are interested in donating additional support, please contact AACN’s Chief Communications Officer, Robert Rosseter, at rrosseter@aacnnursing.org.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Explore AACN's 50th Anniversary sponsorship opportunities in conjunction with the 2019 Academic Nursing Leadership Conference.

All applications are on a first-come, first-reserve basis and are subject to AACN approval. View AACN's Sponsor Policies Here.

If you have any questions, please contact Nadja Beverage, Director of Conferences at nbeverage@aacnnursing.org

Sponsorship Application

Champagne Toast - SOLD

Investment: $10,000

Kick-off our much anticipated Welcome Reception to celebrate the invaluable contributions AACN member have made to nursing education over the past five decades.

Anniversary Program Sponsor

Investment $10,000

Help immortalize AACN’s milestone achievements in a keepsake program that will be distributed to all attendees of AACN’s Academic Nursing Leadership Conference. Your company logo will be featured on the program cover and recognized as a key contributor at all of AACN’s anniversary events.

Dessert Station at Welcome Reception

Investment: $8,000

Indulge our attendees with a dessert station at our our much anticipated Welcome Reception. This all-time attendee favorite is a great opportunity to network, mingle, and celebrate the accomplishments of our academic nursing leaders. Your company logo will be incorporated into the desserts.

Push Notification

Investment: $1,000

Reach attendees with a notification through the conference app! Submit a message with up to 1,000-characters to be sent on the day of your choice during the conference. The notification messages will be sent to all participants that have downloaded the conference app. (Notification is subject to AACN approval.)