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Call for Abstracts Now Closed

Join AACN in unlocking the power of nursing's PEARLS! Share your innovative programs and strategies that address the changing landscape of academic nursing.

Theme: Unlocking the Power of Nursing’s PEARLS: Practice, Education, Access, Research, Leadership, and Scholarship

Submission Topics:

  • Integration of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Teaching Strategies for Didactic, Clinical, or Simulation Learning Experiences
    This f
    ocus area emphasizes the importance of incorporating DEI teaching strategies in nursing education. Demonstration of didactic, clinical, and simulation learning experiences used as platforms for integrating diverse perspectives, promoting cultural knowledge, and addressing health disparities and inequities.  Strategies could include inclusive curricula, case studies, interactive discussions, diverse clinical rotations and simulations, and other creative teaching strategies that challenge students to navigate cultural nuances and address biases. 
  • Student Success Strategies for Historically Underrepresented Students
    This focus area seeks to promote the success of historically underrepresented students, including, but not limited to, students that are racially/ethnically diverse, have disabilities, have lower socioeconomic status, are first generation, LGBTQIA+, English as a second language, and other underrepresented groups. It highlights targeted recruitment initiatives, community partnerships, and support services such as mentoring, academic advising, tutoring, bridge programs, student health and wellness, and financial assistance. Further demonstrations could include fostering inclusive curricula and diversity-focused events that enhance student engagement, belonging, and academic achievement. 
  • Successful Strategies for Recruitment, Hiring, Retention, and Promotion of Underrepresented Faculty
    This focus area seeks strategies that foster diversity among nursing faculty by creating inclusive and supportive work environments that value diversity and promote career advancement.  Successful strategies could be but are not limited to proactive recruitment efforts, inclusive hiring practices, unconscious bias training, mentorship programs, and promotion strategies tailored to support the retention of underrepresented faculty.
  • Implementing DEI initiatives Amidst Evolving Policies and Laws
    This focus area addresses the challenges of implementing DEI initiatives in nursing education while navigating the newly established anti-DEI state and federal policies and laws.
  • Creating Experiential Learning Opportunities for Health Equity
    This focus area underscores the significance of exposing nursing students to the social determinants of health.  It could explore experiential learning opportunities that deepen students’ understanding of health disparities, cultural influences, and systemic barriers.  Engaging with communities, interdisciplinary collaborations, and research on health equity contribute to cultivating future nurse leaders who advocate for equitable health care.

General Information & Reminders for Submitted Abstracts:

  • Sub-committee members are not eligible to submit to this conference.
  • The primary author is the point of contact for all communication with AACN.
  • Primary authors of all accepted abstracts must register for the conference and present the abstract.


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