CastleBranch Solutions for AACN Member Schools

Since 2005, CastleBranch – one of the nation’s top compliance tracking firms - has partnered with AACN to offer discounted student background screenings, drug screenings, and immunization record management solution. To date, almost 60% of AACN member schools are finding value in centralizing and streamlining the management of these services.  To learn more about these services, visit AACN's Member CastleBranch Benefit page.  

To further serve our members schools of nursing, CastleBranch has launched CB Bridges a comprehensive, easy-to-use platform designed to streamline each phase of a student’s clinical journey.

CB Bridges is designed to manage the entire process behind the nursing student's clinical education via a centralized online platform and can be adapted to meet individual school and program needs. CastleBranch's platform will help AACN  schools, students, and healthcare facilities collaborate to track milestones and monitor achievement along the nursing education continuum.

In addition to positioning schools, students, and healthcare facilities for success, AACN will be able to better understand and identify best practice learnings related to clinical nursing education from the CB Bridges aggregate data. These best practices will be shared with leaders within academic nursing to further improve and standardize the clinical rotation process.

AACN is committed and excited to deliver CB Bridges, which is now available to affiliated schools at a reduced rate. 

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CastleBranch's evolving partnership with AACN over the past decade has allowed us to understand and address many pressing issues faced by health profession educators. This new partnership will allow our organizations to take the next step – to collectively strengthen the industry, solve longstanding problems, and further help educators mold students into valued healthcare providers.

Brett Martin, CEO of CastleBranch.

AACN is committed to driving innovation and excellence in academic nursing. Through the use of CastleBranch's Bridges platform, AACN has the power to deliver on that promise and to elevate the industry through evidence-based learnings connected to the clinical preparation of tomorrow's nurses."

Deborah Trautman, President and Chief Executive Officer of AACN.