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As your school continues to evolve its nursing programs and transition to competency-based education, we want to ensure you stay abreast of the latest tools and services to enhance your school's Essentials implementation efforts. This event is specifically designed for AACN member deans, faculty, and administrators who are considering innovative technology solutions to elevate your curriculum and streamline program administration. Register now to watch the April 29 Vendor Showcase on demand through July 29.

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Meet the Vendors

Bodyswaps is a simulation software, powered by AI and immersive technologies, that empowers students to practice and improve their soft skills such as communication, management, or emotional intelligence by practicing with virtual humans.

F.A. Davis
F. A. Davis is an independent, family-owned publisher of educational solutions dedicated to developing teaching and learning solutions that meet the needs of nursing and health science students, educators, and practitioners.

InPlace Software
InPlace Software’s Insight Assessment Tool enables educators to assess student competencies in both didactic and nondidactic courses. Integration with student records system allows administrators to align InPlace Insight Assessment tools with specific courses, experiences, or clinical placement.

iseek.ai leverages patented AI, advanced linguistics, Natural Language Understanding, and Machine Cognition to consume, unify, and transform your curricular information to support CQI, curriculum mapping, and other reporting and information discovery initiatives.

Kahuna helps clinical education, nursing leadership, and administration teams address the pain points tied to legacy methods of assigning, assessing, and managing skills and competencies. Additionally, Kahuna unlocks value for these groups by removing manual processes, enabling mobility and development of clinical workers, preparing for regulatory surveys and audits, and feeding capability planning for future workforce demand.

Lecturio is an all-in-one platform that helps nursing students study for exams and succeed in school. The platform offers a comprehensive video library, exam practice questions, smart recall quizzes, and learning paths that can assist nursing students in streamlining their approach to studying.

Science Interactive Group
Science Interactive makes science education accessible to all students, no matter how far they are from campus. Their complete lab solution combines customizable kits, a rigorous digital curriculum, and cutting-edge technology to make it easier to create and deliver a hands-on lab experience for students in online courses.

Missed the February Showcase?

Weren’t able to make it to the February 29, 2024 Vendor Showcase? Worry not, recordings of the vendor sessions are available to watch on-demand now through May 29! Register at the link below to watch the Februrary 29 presentations.

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Disclaimer of Endorsement: The American Association of Colleges of Nursing does not endorse any specific company, product, or service. Participation in AACN’s Vendor Showcase does not constitute an endorsement from the Association. If AACN members have questions about specific products and services that claim to be endorsed by the Association, please contact essentials@aacnnursing.org.