AACN Statement on Supporting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Academic Nursing

As the collective voice for academic nursing, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) stands firm in our commitment to meeting current and future healthcare needs. An expanding body of research shows the importance of a diverse and inclusive nursing workforce for reducing health disparities, addressing social determinants of health, and improving patient outcomes (AACN, 2023; NASEM, 2021). We have a responsibility to protect the public and prepare nurses in alignment with the scope of professional nursing practice. However, legislative proposals recently introduced in several states could interfere with this work.  Diversity, equity, and inclusion are concepts that support the preparation of nurses who will contribute to improving access to and the quality of care for all people (AACN, 2017). The exclusion of these concepts will reduce healthcare access, patient safety, and our ability to prepare a nursing workforce able to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse patient population. AACN will continue to champion diversity, equity, and inclusion while promoting the development of a more diverse and inclusive student, staff, and faculty population. We stand ready to assist nursing schools in their efforts to ensure equitable health care for all people.

Approved by the AACN Board of Directors, March 2023