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AACN’s Research and Data Center is the nation’s leading resource for data on baccalaureate and graduate nursing programs and trends in academic nursing. Every year, we gather and share critical data with the nursing education community, covering student enrollment, graduations, demographics, nursing programs, faculty and dean salaries, and many other variables.

To support academic nursing and advance research in nursing education, explore AACN's data products and services:

Annual Data Reports

Each year, AACN releases three national data reports that illuminate trends in academic nursing: Enrollment and Graduations in Baccalaureate and Graduate Programs; Salaries of Instructional and Administrative Nursing Faculty in Baccalaureate and Graduate Programs’ and Salaries of Deans in Baccalaureate and Graduate Programs in Nursing.

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New This Year: State-Level Data Reports

Want to see how your program enrollment stacks up against your peers? Order your state enrollment report today!

Our new state-level reports summarize data from baccalaureate, RN to baccalaureate, master's, DNP, and PhD programs, based on AACN’s 2023-2024 annual survey. These state-level reports offer insights on regional educational landscapes and trends.

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Custom Data Reports

AACN offers customized data reports to meet institutional benchmarking and research needs. Reports can be produced using selected data across hundreds of variables, enabling comparisons on the national, state, and local levels. Custom reports are used by faculty, deans, scientists, consultants, and others to compare nursing programs, support research studies, assess market needs, and inform new initiatives.

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AACN Datasets

AACN also offers researchers and external customers the opportunity to access datasets to pursue scholarly inquiries and inform decision-making. Researchers may request access to datasets useful in exploring longitudinal trends in nursing school enrollment or graduations, factors impacting faculty retention, nursing workforce trends, and advancing scholarship.

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