Rounds With Leadership: A Milestone for Baccalaureate Nursing Education

For the first time in our history, more than 70% of registered nurses (RNs) are educated at the baccalaureate or higher degree level, according to new data released earlier this month via the 2022 National Nursing Workforce Survey.  Further, most RNs now enter the workforce with a baccalaureate or entry-level master’s degree (51.5%).

Rounds with Leadership: Focusing on the Future of Faculty

For more than two decades, schools of nursing nationwide have experienced an unrelenting shortage of faculty, which has frustrated efforts to meet nursing workforce needs. AACN has led the effort to document the impact of the shortage and help legislators see the direct connection between faculty supply and having enough nurses to keep patients safe.

Rounds with Leadership: Celebrating the Season

AACN made great progress this year in advancing our mission to serve as a catalyst for innovation and excellence in academic nursing. Our member schools – the deans/directors, faculty, students, and staff – are the driving force behind AACN’s success.