CNC Job Analysis Committee

The CNL Job Analysis Committee serves for one year.
Please address your comments to the CNC staff liaison noted.

Patricia Baker, MSN, RN-BC, CNL
Administrative Nurse of the Day
Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center
San Antonio, TX
CNL certified since September 2010 

Darla Banks-Garrett, MS, BSN, RN, CNL
Director of Med-Surg Services
Wise Health System
Decatur, TX
CNL certified since October 2013

Jackie Barber, EdD, MSN, RN, CNL, CNS
Dean of Nursing
Morningside University
Sioux City, IA
CNL certified since March 2017

Miriam Bender, PhD, RN, CNL
Associate Professor
University of California Irvine
Irvine, CA
CNL certified since February 2009

Geriatric Clinical Nurse Leader/ NICHE Coordinator
Atrium Health-Carolinas Medical Center
Charlotte, NC
CNL certified since September 2014 

Sonya Curtis, DHA, DNP, MBA, RN, CNL, VHA-CM
Quality Manager (Acting) 
Patient Safety Program Manager
Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center
Houston, TX
CNL certified since June 2008

Kerry McLaughlin, MSN, RN, CNL
Manager of Professional Practice
WellStar Kennestone Regional Medical Center
Dallas, GA
CNL certified since August 2018

Sharlene Parmley, MSN, RN, CNL
Clinical Nurse Leader
Spartanburg Medical Center
Spartanburg, SC
CNL certified since May 2019

Kimberly Rice-Smith, MSN, RN, CNL, ONC
Clinical Nurse Leader
Hospital for Special Surgery
New York, NY
CNL certified since January 2016

Bobbi Shatto, PhD, RN, CNL
Associate Professor; Coordinator MSN-CNL & Accelerated MSN Programs
Saint Louis University
Saint Louis, MO
CNL certified since July 2011 

Rebecca Valko, MSN, RN, CNL, PCCN
Clinical Nurse Leader
Mercy Health Saint Mary's Grand Rapids
Wyoming, MI
CNL certified since July 2010

Megan Williams, MSN, RN, CNL
Director, Complex Care
Regional One Health
Memphis, TN
CNL certified since February 2011

Brenda Wimmer, DNP, RN, CNL, CHPN
Assistant Professor Graduate Nursing
Morningside University
Sioux City, IA
CNL certified since January 2016

Lynn Gardner, Staff Liaison
Director of Certification, Commission on Nurse Certification