CNL Innovation in Practice Award Committee

          Term Expires    


Sonya Curtis, DNP, MBA, MSN, RN, CNL, VHA-CM
(CNC Board Chair)        

VISN 20 Nurse Manager and Quality Management Coordinator
VHA - VISN 20 Clinical Resource Hub
Crowley, TX
  June 30, 2023   Sonya Curtis
J. Michael Leger, PhD, MBA, RN, CNL, NEA-BC, CNE
(PhD Certified CNL in Academia)    

Assoc. Professor & Assist. Dean, Organizational 
Effectiveness and Evaluation, Executive Nurse Leader 
Track Administrator, John P. McGovern Chair in the 
Healing Practices of Nursing, UTMB School of Nursing
  June 30, 2024   J. Michael Leger

Laurie Nolan-Kelley, DNP, RN, CNL, CEN, TCRN, EMT-P
(DNP Certified CNL in Practice)        

VP Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement
St. Francis Hospital
Roslyn, NY

  June 30, 2024    Laurie Nolan-Kelley

Bobbi Shatto, PhD, RN, CNL
(CNC Board Member in Academia)

Coordinator, MSN-CNL & Accelerated MSN-CNL Programs
Saint Louis University Trudy Busch Valentine SON
Saint Louis, MO

  June 30, 2023   Bobbi Shatto

Megan Williams, MSN, RN, CNL    
(CNC Board Member in Practice)    

Manager of Complex Care    
Regional One Health
Memphis, TN

  June 30, 2023    Megan Williams