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2017 Call for Nominations

AACN's Nominating Committee has issued a Call for Nominations for candidates to fill five Board seats and two vacancies on the Nominating Committee. The committee will choose the slate of candidates at the Academic Nursing Leadership Conference (formerly known as the Fall Semiannual Meeting) based on nominations received and the committee's deliberations.

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Committees and Task Forces

AACN's committees and task forces work to further the readiness of nursing education and nursing research for a changing health care environment. Most committees are chaired by members of the Association's Board of Directors. Task forces are appointed by the Board as issues arise that require study and action.


Finance Committee
Government Affairs Committee
Membership Committee
Nominating Committee 
Program Committee
Journal of Professional Nursing


Baccalaureate Education Conference Subcommittee
Doctoral Conference Subcommittee
Executive Development Series Subcommittee
Faculty Development Conference Subcommittee
Master's Education Conference Subcommittee
PhD Pre-Conference Subcommittee 

Task Forces & Advisory Groups


Leadership Network Steering Committees

Business Officers of Nursing Schools
Graduate Nursing Admissions Professionals
Instructional Leadership Network
Nursing Advancement Professionals
Organizational Leadership Network
Practice Leadership Network
Research Leadership Network