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Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity in Academic Nursing

As the collective voice for academic nursing, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) serves as the catalyst for excellence and innovation in nursing education, research, and practice. The values of diversity, inclusion, and equity are central to advancing AACN’s mission. This AACN position statement is intended to articulate the vision and principles of AACN associated with these values, which may be reflected in similar statements by AACN members.

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The Journal of Professional Nursing Special Issue

"Accelerated Nursing Education: The New Careers in Nursing Scholarship Program --Innovations and Legacy". Volume 32 ,Issue 5S, S1-S75

The eleven articles published in this special issue encompass the lasting legacies of both the New Careers in Nursing Scholarship Program and the Doctoral Advancement in Nursing Program.

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New Careers in Nursing (NCIN) Legacy Book

Leadership and Legacy: A Celebration of Diversity and Inclusion

The NCIN Scholarship Program accomplished extraordinary outcomes with 3,517 diverse scholars entering the nursing workforce. This book includes a profile of each of the 130 schools of nursing that were funded by the NCIN program. It also highlights exemplary NCIN scholars who wrote essays based on their nursing experience.

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