2022 Doctoral Education Conference

Join a dedicated community of over 700 deans, directors, and faculty who teach in doctoral programs, as well as nursing leaders who are primarily responsible for advancing a research agenda. 

This conference addresses both the practice and the research doctorate and provides ample opportunity for the development of teaching, research, and administrative role

This conference explores national trends in doctoral nursing education, strategies to increase enrollment, and ways to increase or maintain rigor in terminal degree programs. Participants benefit from face-to-face interaction with peers, industry leaders, and experts during interactive learning formats. Additionally, abstract presentations in both poster and podium format address the many changes and challenges in doctoral education


“The opening speaker was engaging, thought-provoking, and informative. I enjoyed his call to action; it was a great way to start the conference!”

“I love the faculty development sessions like Joy in the workplace and addressing incivility. Those two resonated with me the most based on my role as a faculty leader.”

“Thank you for this wonderful conference experience. It is always an amazing few days that rejuvenates my spirit!"

“I appreciate the wide array of interesting topics to select from during the emerging solutions. Some of the sessions included concrete ideas that can be used right away.”