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AACN continues to develop tool kits through grant funds, association lead task force, and inter professional projects. The term tool kit is used to describe the competencies, essentials, guides, as well as those items titled as "toolkit".

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Upcoming Webinars

Essentials Implementation Webinars & On-Demand Sessions

To facilitate the transition to a new approach to nursing education, AACN has created a webinars and on-demand sessions that highlight cutting-edge strategies to implement the EssentialsView webinars and on-demand session here

National Call to Action for Nurse Faculty Recognition

The Daisy Award logo with a daisy flower and text For Extraordinary Nursing Faculty - Honoring nurses internationally in memory of J. Patrick Barnes.

AACN has joined The DAISY Foundation™ to issue a National Call for Nurse Faculty Recognition to honor academic leaders responsible for preparing the nation's nursing workforce. AACN encourages those wishing to formally recognize nurse educators to consider using The DAISY Award® for Extraordinary Nursing Faculty. This award was created to honor nursing faculty who inspire their students to provide high quality, compassionate care.  AACN is committed to celebrating the faculty role and spotlighting the efforts made to recognize nurse educators in our newsletters, on the website, and at our regional meetings and conferences. For more infromation, click here