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GNSA Liaisons

What is a GNSA Liaison?

GNSA Liaisons are volunteers who engage their fellow students in the GNSA and serve as a point of contact. Learn more about the role in our GNSA Liaison Orientation video below.

Liaison Updates

The Liaison Updates is a monthly newsletter that provides Liaisons with GNSA updates, featured resources, and tips on how to engage their fellow students. The newsletter also invites Liaisons to write a special introduction each month on a topic of their choice. Read the latest issue to see what Liaisons are talking about.

Read the Latest Liaison Updates


How to Apply

If you are interested in serving as a GNSA Liaison at your school, complete the brief online application.

Apply Now  


Contact Autumn Spriggs at if you have any questions about the GNSA Liaison position.

Meet the GNSA Liaisons

View the current GNSA Liaisons to find the representative at your school.

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Map Data
Map data ©2018 Google, INEGI
Map DataMap data ©2018 Google, INEGI
Map data ©2018 Google, INEGI
0.1 miles
Katrina Humbert
54.0 miles
147.7 miles
187.7 miles
Joy Coles
194.5 miles
Shade Adigun
195.0 miles
Chisa Huffman
211.2 miles
Jacqueline Vo
214.0 miles
Sarah Oerther
223.9 miles
223.9 miles
226.1 miles
237.4 miles
Kendra Varner
243.5 miles
253.2 miles
270.3 miles
Yadira Santiago Banuelos
277.8 miles
286.9 miles
Tonya Smith
303.0 miles
Sarah Williams
303.0 miles
Tiffany Griffin
320.6 miles
333.9 miles
335.4 miles
Ohio State University
Rachel Childs
363.8 miles
Allison Crabtree
369.0 miles
Suzana Nikitovic
369.2 miles
Taylor Adams
369.5 miles
Katherine Bauer
369.5 miles
Rebecca Treder
373.0 miles
Zehra Kanji-Ghaziani
374.2 miles
Julie Price
376.1 miles
378.5 miles
397.5 miles
Sara Donevant
397.8 miles
Winston-Salem State University
V. Dawn Taylor
431.7 miles
Brandie Smith
441.7 miles
University of Michigan Ann Arbor
Emily Lanier
453.9 miles
Jason Fisher
454.0 miles
Cynthia McNerlin
454.0 miles
Grace Williams
456.1 miles
Mishya Otis
457.1 miles
Robert Keen
459.1 miles
464.5 miles
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Sallie Allgood
465.3 miles
Ginger Randolph
468.9 miles
Asma Agad
482.5 miles
Angela Cook
483.5 miles
Maria McDonald
485.4 miles
Jonna Morris
493.8 miles
Nina Harvey
493.8 miles
Christina Ketron
493.8 miles
Courtney Harrigan
496.8 miles
Victoria Tucker
536.1 miles
546.9 miles
550.2 miles
Maria Cohan
557.2 miles
Nicole Spencer
557.4 miles
Christina Jones
558.8 miles
Adrianna Musallam
566.6 miles
Carli Zegers
567.1 miles
Barbas Nyaosi
571.2 miles
Patricia Obeng
571.2 miles
Regina Leonard
584.9 miles
Emily Walker
590.3 miles
Julie Murphy
590.3 miles
Jyotsana Parajuli
599.5 miles
Elizabeth Avila
610.9 miles
Kari Stinson
612.0 miles
Mandy Gensimore
613.6 miles
616.5 miles
Reiko Asano
616.5 miles
Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing
Tamryn Gray
617.7 miles
Morgan State University
Joice Stokes-James
626.4 miles
626.8 miles
Nicole Frederick
633.6 miles
Sabrina Schwartz
651.8 miles
Crystal Williams
655.1 miles
Dawn Turnage
656.0 miles
656.2 miles
Midwestern State University
Lindsey Shelley
658.0 miles
Miakoda Wolin-Collins
658.5 miles
Ariana Komaroff
658.5 miles
Sara Martin
659.0 miles
University of Minnesota
James Friedman
659.0 miles
Myra Colakovic
660.1 miles
Capella University
Ira L. Martin
660.1 miles
Capella University
Holly Taylor
660.3 miles
Rebecca Yauilla
660.3 miles
Vivienne McDaniel
670.4 miles
679.4 miles
West Chester University
Karen Detweiler
687.4 miles
696.4 miles
Tracy Holman-Speights
696.4 miles
Virginia Vickery
700.0 miles
Jennifer Kim
701.6 miles
Drexel University
Miriam Faunda
702.0 miles
Megan Atchley
702.9 miles
Stephanie Wroten
703.9 miles
715.9 miles
Wilmington University
Lorraine Battle
727.3 miles
The College of New Jersey
Andrea Lynn
730.6 miles
Shannon O'Connell-Persaud
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School Name Name Photo Email Program
Medical University of South Carolina Nina Harvey PhD
University of Alabama at Birmingham Jacqueline Vo BS to PhD
Jacksonville State University Allison Crabtree DNP
University of Arizona Mandea Hood RN to MSN
University of Central Arkansas Sarah Williams DNP
University of Central Arkansas Tiffany Griffin MSN
University of California-Los Angeles Anna Dermenchyan PhD
Azusa Pacific University Elysia Becerra Entry Level MSN
University of San Francisco Kaley Orland Entry Level MSN
University of San Francisco Laura Le Entry Level MSN
University of San Francisco Christina Peppard Entry Level MSN
Samuel Merritt University Rahwa Haile DNP
University of Northern Colorado Sonya Allen PhD
American Sentinel University Nastassia Davis DNP
Quinnipiac University Laura Stanton BS to DNP
District of Columbia
Georgetown University Emily Walker Entry Level MSN
Chamberlain College of Nursing - Jacksonville Tracey Taylor RN to MSN
Florida Atlantic University Ayse Kaltsas BS to PhD
Jacksonville University Pamela Card DNP
University of South Florida Crystal Williams BS to DNP
University of Florida Christina Jones PhD
University of Central Florida Dawn Turnage PhD
University of Tampa Miakoda Wolin-Collins MSN
Florida Atlantic University Gabrielle Cassman DNP
Florida State University
Florida State University Mishya Otis BS to DNP
Valdosta State University Robert Keen MSN
Georgia Baptist College of Nursing of Mercer University Patrice Little DNP
Georgia College & State University Talecia Warren DNP
Rush University Katherine Bauer DNP
DePaul University Zehra Kanji-Ghaziani DNP
Chamberlain College of Nursing - Chicago Julie Price DNP
Rush University Rebecca Treder DNP
Bradley University Tina Morris BS to DNP
Loyola University Chicago Suzana Nikitovic MSN
University of Illinois at Chicago Taylor Adams Entry Level MSN
Purdue University Yadira Santiago Banuelos RN to MSN
Chamberlain College of Nursing - Indianapolis Lisa Foreman DNP
University of Kentucky Joy Coles BS to DNP
Frontier Nursing University Jessica Barra DNP
University of Kentucky Shannon Parsley BS to PhD
Kentucky Christian University Nikki Moore MSN
Frontier Nursing University Tammi Chaney MSN
University of Louisville Kerby Clark Entry Level MSN
Murray State University Sarah Locke DNP
Loyola University New Orleans Angela Cook DNP
Johns Hopkins University Tamryn Gray PhD
Chamberlain College of Nursing - Addison Audrey White MSN
Morgan State University Joice Stokes-James PhD
Salisbury University Rachel Markow BS to DNP
Johns Hopkins University Reiko Asano PhD
University of Massachusetts-Amherst Cidalia Vital PhD
Simmons College Marty Cho MSN
University of Massachusetts Medical School Stephanie DiTommaso DNP
Regis College Despina O'Doherty MSN
University of Michigan Emily Lanier DNP
Michigan State University Grace Williams PhD
Michigan State University Cynthia McNerlin DNP
University of Minnesota James Friedman BS to DNP
Capella University Holly Taylor BS to DNP
Winona State University Barbas Nyaosi BS to DNP
Walden University Vivienne McDaniel DNP
Capella University Ira L. Martin DNP
Walden University Rebecca Yauilla MSN
University of Minnesota Myra Colakovic DNP
University of Missouri-Columbia Katelyn Cope BS to DNP
Maryville University-Saint Louis Alison Gill MSN
Saint Louis University Sarah Oerther PhD
University of Missouri-Kansas City Brandie Smith BS to DNP
University of Nebraska Medical Center Carli Zegers PhD
New Hampshire
Rivier University Breanna Bayliss MSN
New Jersey
Felician University Jessica Crowley DNP
College of New Jersey, The Andrea Lynn MSN
Wilmington University Lorraine Battle MSN
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Christina Congdon BS to DNP
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Eleni Pellazgu PhD
New Mexico
New Mexico State University Gail Alexander DNP
New York
Stony Brook University Onome Osokpo BS to DNP
Stony Brook University Heidy Merius BS to DNP
Graduate Center of the City of New York, The Scott Kaye PhD
New York University Kim Rampersad BS to DNP
Pace University Sasha Winslow MSN
University of Rochester Dillon Dzikowicz PhD
University at Buffalo-SUNY Sabrina Schwartz PhD
Adelphi University Ronald Moore MSN
American University of Beirut Grace Al Hakim MSN
North Carolina
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Sallie Allgood PhD
Duke University Asma Agad DNP
Winston-Salem State University V. Dawn Taylor PhD
University of North Carolina-Wilmington Nicole Spencer DNP
East Carolina University Adrianna Musallam BS to DNP
University of Cincinnati Kendra Varner PhD
Ohio State University, The Rachel Childs Entry Level MSN
Kent State University Jason Fisher MSN
Cleveland State University Steven Scanlon MSN
Northwestern Oklahoma State University Kylie Williams BS to DNP
Drexel University Miriam Faunda MSN
University of Pittsburgh Jonna Morris PhD
Pennsylvania State University Julie Murphy PhD
West Chester University Karen Detweiler DNP
Gwynedd Mercy University Courtney Harrigan DNP