Digital Innovators Program


Program Overview

The Graduate Nursing Student Academy (GNSA) is pleased to announce a call for applications for the 2023-2024 GNSA Digital Innovators Program, a member-exclusive opportunity for graduate students who are interested in becoming future nursing faculty. 

As the ability to use digital mobile technology and pedagogy is more imperative than ever, the GNSA Digital Innovators Program will offer participants modern approaches and creative methods to educating the future nursing workforce. This team-based program will focus on developing digital creators through a series of virtual sessions twice a month that will help build a skillset in preparation for a final digital showcase. Content will be delivered by Apple Education’s leadership and learning teams. 

A total of 15 student pairs (30 individuals total) will be selected for the program. Alumni from the first cohort will provide support to the teams in preparation for the final showcase. The program will begin in January 2024 and conclude at the GNSA conference in August 2024 in Washington, DC.

In order to be eligible, team members must:

  1. Submit one team application consisting of two graduate students
  2. Be interested in teaching
  3. Be current GNSA members
  4. Submit a letter of support from their nursing school dean/director

As you begin forming your team, ensure that the teams include a diversity of thought, ideas, and perspectives. 

Important Note: Teams interested in applying should be comfortable using Apple technology as this will help you practice the skills expanded upon during the virtual sessions and, for the duration of the program, have access to a personalized iPad that can load the latest iPadOS and is compatible with an Apple Pencil.

To apply for this opportunity, click on the button below to apply.

Apply Here

Applications are due November 30, 2023.

Time Commitment

On average, teams will dedicate between 5-6 hours each month to this program. Activities include engaging in learning sessions, reflecting with program participants, creating content, and collaborating with team members to develop the final showcase project. Class dates and times will be sent out in December. 

Topics to be covered during learning sessions include:

  • Creating Clips
  • Preparing a portfolio
  • Publishing
  • Podcasts
  • Building a Community


  • Universal design


  • Watch and Health app
  • Telling your Story
  • Essentials of nursing


  • Productivity


  • ResearchKit
  • Future of learning


  • Creating interactive templates


  • Augmented reality

Join us for a Technical Assistance Webinar: Exploring the Digital Innovators Program

If you are interested in applying, join us on Friday, November 17 @ 12:00 pm ET for a technical assistance webinar. This 30-minute session will explore the program, discuss the expectations, and offer feedback from past Digital Innovators who will be in attendance.

Register Here


Final Showcase

The showcase will provide teams with an opportunity to engage with the broader community and demonstrate the skillset they have acquired through telling their story. Teams will give a brief presentation on their project in a virtual session in August. Teams will be encouraged to invite their dean or faculty to attend the virtual session. Date and time for the virtual session will be provided in December. 

Teams are also encouraged to attend the 2024 GNSA Conference, which will take place in August 2024 in Washington, DC. The conference will serve as an opportunity for teams to network and showcase their work and their learning to those in attendance at the event. Teams are responsible for their own travel and accommodations. Information about registering for the GNSA Conference will be provided in February.