Past NAP Conferences


Crafting a Story that Inspires
Speaker: Lynne Wester, Donor Relations Guru
We all know about the power of a good story in fundraising, but why are they so powerful? What is it about the human brain and how it works that makes a story so critical to the decision-making process? You will learn about structuring and crafting your stories to create more engaging and emotionally compelling stories that will grab your donors and supporters. You'll also learn how to find stories and create compelling characters that your donors will fall in love with and want to support. Join us as we learn the fine art of create compelling stories that forward the mission of your organization.

Social Media and Donor Relations: A Strategy for Success!
Speaker: Lynne Wester, Donor Relations Guru
With the dust is settling on the social media explosion, now is the time to take a careful look at how this tool best fits into an overall donor relations strategy. The real value of social media, however, is in the genuine, authentic conversation that exists. Seeding and nurturing these online conversations, however, requires significant strategy and effort. Keeping up with the latest social networking rage is a challenge for even the most tech-savvy nonprofit, but recommending a social media strategy for your constituents to senior leadership is a whole other ball game. This session will help you navigate the world of social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) and be able to translate its benefits to your leadership.

Elevate Nursing’s Voice through Media Training
Speaker: Barbara Glickstein, MPH, Co-Director, Center for Health Policy and Media Engagement at George Washington University
By training nurse leaders and experts to be media-ready and promoting them to reporters and media outlets, you can both change the face of media and your organization's reputation. Leaders in nursing who work as change agents within health care systems are often called upon to speak with reporters or craft messages designed for various public relations strategies—social media, publications, and multimedia platforms. Media training for leadership in nursing and health care should be a core tool available at every school of nursing.

Advancing Advancement: Making Development Gold
Speakers: Janzell Tutor, Manager of Alumni Relations and Special Events, University of Utah; Eden Bennett, Director of Advancement, University of Utah College of Nursing
What is development without alumni engagement? What is alumni engagement without development? During this presentation, we will discuss the importance of trust, relationships, and collaboration within your advancement teams and among your donors and alumni.

Debby Powell and Peggy Person

Ways to Engage Younger Alumni
Jeff L. Peery

Alumni Outreach 2.0
Marilyn McGhee

Leveraging Alumni as Volunteers
Marlee Promisel and Reena Chandra Rajpal

Working with Gift Planning
Stephanie S. Zaino

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