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AACN’s 2021 Nursing Advancement Professionals (NAP) Conference will be held virtually in March 2021 as a members-only discussion series.

AACN continues to monitor the guidelines by the CDC, state officials, and other stakeholders to ensure the health and safety of participants while attending the conference.

AACN’s Nursing Advancement Professionals (NAP) Discussion Series provides a unique opportunity for nursing education advancement, development, marketing, and communications professionals to meet virtually and share their successes, develop new strategies, and to establish a resource network of peers. We are inviting deans, directors, development officers, advancement professionals, and public relations leaders from nursing programs to join us.

Become a NAP Leadership Network Member and stay connected with peers all year long!

NAP members benefit from professional growth and development and partake in information sharing, communication, discussion of key issues among fellow nursing school advancement professionals at member institutions, and much more! Visit our website to learn more: www.aacnnursing.org/Leadership-Networks/NAP




“The conference did a great job of selecting speakers who are relevant to alumni relations and development.”

“I came for the alumni relations and communications; this conference provided me with wonderful ideas that I have been able to bring back home and share.”

“This was fantastic. A lot of great tactics were shared and overall message relevant!”

“As a relatively new dean, I found this conference to be extremely helpful. I brought back quite a few things to accomplish over the next several months. This conference gave me space to understand the type of questions I can pose to advancement staff.”