Call for Nominations for 2020 Election

Published June 17, 2019

At the March 2019 Deans Annual Meeting, the AACN membership revised the Bylaws and voted to expand the Board of Directors and Nominating Committee. Beginning in March 2020, the AACN Board of Directors will expand to 13 members, including 2 practice representatives. In addition, the Nominating Committee will expand to 5 members beginning March 2021.  

For the current Call for Nominations, the Nominating Committee is seeking nominations for the following positions on the Board of Directors and Nominating Committee.  

  • Board Chair-Elect 
  • Secretary
  • Board Member-at-Large (3 vacancies)
  • Nominating Committee (2 vacancies)

In addition, the committee is seeking nominations for two practice representatives who will join the AACN Board of Directors starting March 2020. 

  • Practice Board Member-at-Large – Two-year term (1 vacancy)
  • Practice Board Member-at-Large – One-year term (1 vacancy)

Note: Practice members will have staggered terms.  The stagger will be established by limiting one of the initial nurse practice member positions to a one-year term.  Practice members are not eligible to serve as Officers. Practice members are eligible to serve two terms. 

The following criteria will be used when making selections for the slate for academic positions:

  • Need for representation of institutional types/sizes and geographical regions
  • Need for representation of membership diversity
  • Special consideration will be given to candidates with previous Board service, national recognition, distinguished awards, research/scholarship, and/or thought leadership
  • Conflict of interest 
  • Need for two candidates for each position vacancy

The criteria used for Practice Board Members-at-Large will include:

  • Nomination must be submitted by an AACN member dean/director
  • Practice representative must be a CNO or hold a similar executive level nursing practice position 
  • Practice representatives follow the same guidelines as academic members – see Consent to Serve Statement
  • Practice representatives must be individuals who have earned national distinction for their leadership, innovation, advocacy, and/or service 
  • Practice representatives must share a commitment to advancing the goals and priorities of AACN and academic nursing
  • Practice representatives cannot be directly affiliated with the academic institution of currently serving AACN Board members (e.g. The CNO of ABC Hospital cannot serve on the AACN Board along with the nursing dean from ABC University)

AACN believes that the engagement of leaders from nursing practice on the Board of Directors will help to expand the diversity of voices in the board room, inform AACN’s mission and work with the perspectives from the practice community, and help to further strengthen the relationship between academic nursing and practice.  

Nomination Packet Due Date:  Friday, October 11, 2019

Download Nomination Packet

Nomination Packet Materials:  The complete nomination packet consists of the signed Nomination Form (self-nominations accepted), Consent to Serve Statement, Biographical Data Form, Personal Statement, and Curriculum Vitae. The packet should be submitted as one document in Word format and sent via e-mail to Jennifer Ahearn at

Term of Office: March 2020 to March 2022 
(One practice members term will be March 2020-March 2021)

Eligibility for Elected Office:  Academic candidates must be the Chief Academic Nurse Administrator (Dean) of an AACN member institution.  

Time Commitment: Additional information about the time requirements for each position can be found online on our Leadership and Volunteer Opportunity resource page at

Slate Announcement: The slate of candidates will be announced during the Business Meeting at the AACN Academic Nursing Leadership Conference.

Important Note: Campaign activities are limited to the presentation of qualifications as provided to AACN through the biographical data form and personal statement.  Any additional campaigning by candidates or their supporters is strongly discouraged. 

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