Your Voice and Vote Matters

AACN’s Nursing Voices, Nursing Votes is a nonpartisan initiative designed to encourage students, faculty, and deans to vote and amplify their voices as nurses. 


State Resources

Hover over each state to view information relating to voter registration. Please look at registration information for the state in which you have your permanent address (if different than the state where you attend school).

AACN Member Engagement

This map represents the 570 AACN members (deans, faculty, and students) who have registered to vote. If you have registered, please join us by completing the form below. This map and total participants will be updated weekly to show where AACN members are registered to vote. All schools who have at least 25 participants (including deans, faculty, and nursing students) register to vote, complete the online form, and follow @AACNPolicy on Twitter will receive recognition at AACN’s Academic Nursing Leadership Conference in October and their school’s students will receive a special designation and prize during the 2019 Student Policy Summit!

Nursing Voices, Nursing Votes Map

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