American association of colleges of nursing | 2023 AACN Student Policy Summit | March 26-27, 2023 | Washington, DC


2024 Student Policy Summit

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The AACN Student Policy Summit (SPS) is a two-day conference held in Washington, DC and is open to baccalaureate and graduate nursing students enrolled at an AACN member institution. Students who attend the Summit are immersed in didactic program sessions focused on the federal policy process and nursing’s role in professional advocacy. See registration information for additional details. Prior to the SPS, confirmed registered students will also receive additional details about conference logistics and expectations.

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Who Can Attend?

Given the high demand for registration and limited availability, up to two students per AACN member school can register for the Summit. AACN member deans must approve students prior to registration. Only students who have not previously attended an in-person Student Policy Summit may be registered. Schools who wish to send more than two students can sponsor at different levels to receive additional registrations.

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Highlights from AACN's 2023 Student Policy Summit


"What an amazing experience! Being able to network with the other participants and the speakers is something that will benefit me for years to come!"

"Information gleaned at the Summit was stellar. This experience opened my eyes not only to the importance of healthcare policy, but also the ability I have as a nurse to impact it."

"I loved the chance to meet so many nurses excited about policy as well as all of the subject matter experts. It was so inspirational! Thank you for all of your hard work and efforts, to everyone that organized this. I truly enjoyed it and have already told my cohort of students about it and to apply next year!"

an infographic titled "Top 5 Reasons" in red with subtitle "You Should Attend AACN's Student Policy Summit" in blue, all on a white background. Left of the titel is a detailed image of the Capitol building in a blue hexagon. Below that is a dark blue line separating the title from the list. Item one of the list reads "1: Direct Engagement" in red above an image of text bubbles in a red hexagon next to dark blue text reading "The Student Policy Summit allows you to engage directly with speakers and AACN staff. The invited guest speakers are leaders in the policy arena." Below that is another dark blue line. The second section reads "2: Elevate Your Voice" in red above an image of a microphone in a red hexagon next to dark blue text reading "The focus of the Summit is to engage in the federal policy process. Participation n the Summit will give you the tools to advocate for issues that truly matter to you, your patients, and your community." Below that is another dark blue line. The third section reads "3: Become an Advocate" in red above an image of the Capitol building in a red hexagon next to dark blue text reading "As part of the Summit, you will have the opportunity to advocate on behalf of academic nursing by connecting with your Representative and Senators." Below that is another dark blue line. The fourth section reads "4: Get Credit" in red above an image of a graduation cap in a red hexagon next to dark blue text that reads "By participating in the Summit, you will earn Continuing Education credit that you can use for licensure." Below that is another dark blue line. The final section reads "5: Build a Professional Network" in red above a graphic of generic people's heads and shoulders in a red hexagon next to dark blue text reading "Meet, connect, and netrowkr with a diverse group of fellow nursing students from across the country who will be joining you at the Summit."

For questions, contact the AACN Conference Team today!