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How to Apply to Multiple Nursing Schools with One Application

NursingCAS is an easy way to apply to nursing school. It is the nation's only service that enables individuals to apply to multiple nursing programs of interest offered at all levels with one, online application and set of transcript(s). The service helps to streamline the application process while providing guidance, updates, and support to applicants every step of the way.

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Charting a Future for Nursing Through Innovation: A Graduate Nursing Student Conference

Graduate Nursing Student Academy (GNSA) Conference | Charting a Future for Nursing Through Innovation: A Graduate Nursing Student Conference | GNSA, Graduate Nursing Student Academy, American Association of Colleges of NursingExplore your career horizons and the future of nursing innovation at this stimulating enrichment experience offered exclusively for graduate nursing students in Washington, DC.  The 2022 GNSA conference is tailored to meet the professional development needs of nursing students in master’s and doctoral programs (MSN, DNP, and PhD). Registration is open to members of the GNSA, which provides a variety of programs and services to all graduate nursing students at AACN member institutions (click here to join today for free). Join us as we explore innovation in nursing education, research, and practice.

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Student News & Announcements

  • GNSA Bulletin - June 2022 Edition

    Students— June 14, 2022

    Searching for a job can simultaneously spark hope, excitement, and anxiety. Perhaps you have graduated or reached a milestone in your academic trajectory that allows you to take on new opportunities. Maybe you are ready to advance professionally based on your interests or maybe you just need to find a better work environment that fits your professional and personal needs. Whatever the reason, we all must search for jobs at some point, which is why I have listed some tips that may help us on this journey.

  • GNSA Bulletin - May 2022 Edition

    Students— May 2, 2022

    Throughout your career you will continue to expand your knowledge base due to advances in technology and cutting-edge nursing research. For those wishing to play a part in developing new skills, research, and practice innovations, now is the time for you to consider a terminal nursing degree. 

  • GNSA Bulletin - April 2022 Edition

    Students— April 4, 2022

    As a registered nurse and leader for almost 3 decades, I have had many opportunities to review resumes, cover pages, and interview job applicants. One common thread I have found is that people do not take enough time to review the job posting to fully understand what leadership skills the employer considers valuable and if the skills required are a good fit for their educational background and experiences.

  • GNSA Bulletin - March 2022 Edition

    Students— March 1, 2022

    As a graduate nursing student, it can be very easy to get lost in just completing your coursework, meeting assignment deadlines, writing your dissertation, or working on your practice project. However, there are other ways for you to develop as a graduate nursing student through the professional development opportunities such as nursing conferences.

  • GNSA Bulletin - February 2022 Edition

    Students— February 2, 2022

    This month's newsletter features: mental health check in and mental health challenges,  the newest GNSA Liaisons, funding opportunities, and upcoming webinars and events.