Business Officers of Nursing Schools (BONUS) Steering Committee

Jeanette Russell Jeannette Russell, Chair
California Baptist University
Director of Academic Operations
headshot of todd kilbride Bill Kilbride, Chair-Elect
University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Financial and Administrative Officer
headshot of Marcia Thomas Marcia ThomasSecretary
Yale University
Associate Dean for Strategic Operations
headshot of James Batchelder James Batchelder, Nominating Committee Chair
Chief of Staff
Texas A&M University Health Science Center
headshot of Vincent Fields Vincent Fields, Communications Committee Chair
Coppin State University
Special Assistant to the Dean
Mary Kelly Glidewell

Mary Kelly GlidewellMembership Committee Chair
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Director of Administrative Services

Jessica Galabert Jessica Gelabert, Planning Committee Chair
University of South Florida
Assistant Dean of Finance Administration
Anna Villa Anna Villa, Special Projects Committee Chair
University of Rhode Island
Business Manager
headshot of susan griffin Susan Griffin, Past Chair
Rochester University
Nursing Program Coordinator
   Jennifer Ahearn, AACN Staff Liaison
Chief Operating Officer