Faculty Leadership Network (FLN) Steering Committee

Please address your comments to either the chair or AACN staff liaison noted.

headshot of Debbie DeMeester Debbie DeMeester, PhD, Chair
Indiana University
Clinical Associate Professor
headshot of phillip moore

Phillip Moore, DNP, Chair-Elect
University of Tennessee-Knoxville
Clincal Associate Professor



April Howell, DNP, Secretary
Boise State University


headshot of heather ferrillo


Heather Ferrillo PhD, Communication and Collaborative Community Chair 
Sacred Heart University
Director of Undergraduate Nursing Programs


 Headshot of Julie Slade


 Julie Slade, DNP, Communication and Collaborative Community
Chatham University
Assistant Program Director


headshot of maryellen potts Maryellen Potts, PhD, Communication and Collaborative Community
University of Kansas
Assistant Professor


Sadeeka Al-Majid, PhD, Communication and Collaborative Community
California State University -- Fullterton




Katie Pawloski, PhD, Fall Program Planning Committee Co-Chair
Florida Gulf Coast University




Katie Pawloski, PhD, Program Planning Committee Co-Chair
Florida Gulf Coast University


Headshot of Jenny Erkfitz Jenny Erkfitz, EdD, Program Planning Committee Co-Chair
Aspen University
Tami Rogers Tami Rogers, PhD, Webinar Planning Chair
Joyce University of Nursing & Health Sciences
headshot of Cheryl Ann Green


Cheryl Ann Green, PhD, Webinar Planning Co-Chair
Abilene Christian University
Doctor of Nursing Practice Chair



LaDonna Northington, DNS, Webinar Planning
University of Mississippi Medical Center
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs


Stephanie Gustman, DNP, Webinar Planning
Ferris State University
Associate Professor


Mary Ann McLaughlin, EdD, Fall Program Planning
Neumann University
Associate Dean


Marilyn O'Mallon, PhD, Webinar Planning Chair
Boise State University
Director, Undergraduate RN-BS Track


Lynn Nichols, PhD, Past Chair
Boise State University
Associate Professor