Government Affairs Committee

Please address your comments to either the chair or AACN staff liaison noted.

headshot of tina decker Tina Decker, DNP, First Term
Trinity Christian College
Department Chair
headshot of Marla De Jong

Marla De Jong, PhD, First Term
University of Utah
Department Chair

Lori Escallier Lori Escallier, PhD, First Term
SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University
headshot of cheryl giefer Cheryl Giefer, PhD, First Term
Pittsburg State University
headshot of Carol Musil Carol Musil, PhD, First Term
Case Western Reserve University
headshot of Brenda Petersen Brenda Petersen, PhD, First Term
University of Southern Maine
Associate Dean
headshot of lachel story Lachel Story, PhD, First Term
University of Southern Mississippi
Headshot of Deborah J. Jones Deborah J. Jones, PhD, Board Liaison
University of Texas Medical Branch
Senior Vice President and Dean
  Rachel Stevenson, Staff Liaison
Director of Government Affairs