Doctoral Education Conference

Pre-Conference Offerings

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PhD Pre-Conference

January 17, 2024

Being Bold: Moving Away from the Status Quo

This 1-day pre-event is designed for deans and associate deans from schools offering research-focused doctoral nursing programs or those planning a new program. Issues germane to PhD education and the challenges commonly encountered are represented by leaders in doctoral education.

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Faculty Practice Pre-Conference

January 17, 2024

Building the Staircase to Develop and Sustain Community-Based Faculty Practice

This 1-day event, hosted by AACN’s Practice Leadership Network (PLN), is designed for individuals involved in promoting, administering, and engaging in faculty practice. Emphasis is being placed on the need for practice savvy educators to translate current healthcare environment scenarios to the classroom at every level.

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Research Leadership Network (RLN) Program

January 18, 2024

The AACN Research Leadership Network (RLN) invites nursing faculty who have leadership roles facilitating research within their nursing programs to this annual breakfast workshop on advancing nursing science with cutting-edge research methods. This interactive session includes opportunities for participants to share their experiences using these methodologies in their own research, and discover collaborative opportunities using these and other research methods.

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