The Essentials

Essentials Coaching Program

Essentials Coaching Program

Does your school of nursing need guidance on how to adapt your curriculum to align with the 2021 AACN Essentials and transition to competency-based education (CBE)?  AACN’s Essentials Coaching Program is here to help! Offered on a contract-basis, this program provides expert coaches on request to help meet institution-specific needs for schools at all stages of Essentials implementation.

Coaching to Meet Your Needs

Our coaches are curriculum experts who understand how to build on your program’s strengths, identify gaps, and modify courses to ensure that graduates achieve the competency expectations outlined in the Essentials. Coaches will work directly with faculty to map curriculum, address challenges, and mobilize resources to effectively transition your undergraduate and graduate nursing programs. Coaches are available to provide a comprehensive overview of the AACN Essentials and CBE, as well as insights and instruction on:

  • The Role of Faculty as Coaches/Mentors in Advancing CBE
  • A Stepwise Approach for Essentials Implementation for CBE Success, including strategies for:

    a. Adapting Organizational Structures
    b. Developing a Timeline
    c. Completing Curricular Mapping and Gap Analysis
    d. Aligning Curriculum with the Essentials
    e. Designing Experiential Learning Activities
    f. Engaging Practice Partners and Stakeholders
  • CBE Assessment and Evaluation
  • Developing Progression Indicators
  • Guidance on Program Transition to Align with the Essentials (i.e., RN-BSN, nursing education master's, post-master's, DNP, and others) 
  • Leveraging AACN Resources for Essentials Implementation and CBE Integration

Coaching Services

Our coaches are readily available to offer informational sessions about the Essentials and the shift to CBE in academic nursing on a "first come first serve basis". To ensure quality and personalized coaching, we are initially limiting the availability to 4 full days per month while we work diligently to get our coaching program fully operational. We appreciate your patience as we work to accommodate all schools interested in our services. These sessions can be tailored for various audiences, including nursing organizations, statewide collaboratives, student groups, practice convenings, and other events organized by interested stakeholders.

With flexible options such as in-person, virtual, and hybrid formats, coaching is adaptable to your needs. We offer sessions ranging from one hour, half-day, one-day, and multiple days to accommodate your schedule and objectives. AACN is committed to finding the most suitable coach or team of coaches to meet your specific requirements.

Pricing for our coaching services starts at $500, with costs scaled based on the duration and resources required to fulfill your school's consulting needs. We are dedicated to supporting your institution's successful transition to CBE.

How Can I Request Coaching?

Schools interested in exploring this program are encouraged to reach out to AACN for an initial assessment of your program's needs and the coaching options available.

For questions or more information, email