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AACN's Research and Data Center maintains the nation's premier database on key trends in academic nursing. AACN will consider requests from researchers to access our data to explore longitudinal trends in nursing school enrollment or graduations, review predictors of faculty retention, forecast workforce trends in nursing, and other points of inquiry.



How to Request a Dataset

To request an AACN dataset, researchers must include the following in their request: 

  • Submit a research proposal to AACN, including research design, rationale, expected variables, and dissemination plan. 
  • Seek and obtain IRB approval through their institution, including full approval and requests for exemption. 

Once AACN receives a dataset request, staff will review and return a decision within two- to three-weeks. Larger requests may require a longer turnaround time.  

If approved, the researcher will receive a data use agreement to sign and return to AACN prior to provision of the data. This agreement details the scope of the data request, which is typically limited to one study (equivalent to one journal article or conference presentation), and the publication approval process.  

Before submitting a request, researchers are encouraged to review AACN's Annual Survey Codebook for clarification on survey variables, as they may vary from year to year.  

Pricing Information

Access to AACN's Datasets is subject to a base cost. For one cohort of data for a single study, the starting price is approximately $3000. Please note that additional costs may apply depending on the scope and requirements of the requested data. For detailed pricing information, contact AACN's Research and Data Team.

Case Studies

These select case studies spotlight real-world instances where AACN's datasets have been used to answer complex questions, inform decision-making, and advance nursing scholarship.



Frequently Asked Questions

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Director of Institutional Research and Data Services
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Data Manager
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Data Coordinator
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