Diversity & Inclusion Workshops

AACN is excited to announce new diversity & inclusion program offerings. See descriptions outlined below. 

To schedule a workshop at your school of nursing or for additional questions, please contact:

Christine Downing
Associate Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Fundamentals of Holistic Admissions Review

This six-hour workshop shows how the holistic admissions process is used to increase and shape student diversity at schools of nursing. Expert presenters will introduce and dissect the fundamentals of the mission-driven Experiences-Attributes-Metrics holistic admissions model. Using guided discussion and activities, participants will develop a strategic approach to advance the implementation of a holistic admission process unique to their nursing program.

Measurement and Evaluation of Your Holistic Admissions Review Process

This six-hour workshop is designed for nursing schools ready to implement a fully developed holistic admissions review process. Presenters will introduce the fundamental concepts for evaluating the strategies and impact of a holistic admissions review process. Through interactive exercises, participants will identify resources and approaches to collecting formative and summative student data.

Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment

During this six-hour workshop, presenters introduce methods and strategies to develop a greater understanding and capacity to manage, foster, and promote optimal learning environments for all students. Through discussion and activities, participants examine their own social identity, cultural biases, and stereotypes and discuss evidence-based strategies to mitigate their influence on judgments and interactions in the learning environment for historically marginalized and underrepresented students.

Fostering Success of Students from Diverse Backgrounds

During this six-hour workshop, presenters introduce an evidence-based student success model of support programs to address specific needs of students from diverse backgrounds who face barriers to academic success. Participants will learn the foundations of the Input-Environment-Outcomes model and learn how to identify evidenced-based student support strategies.

Recruitment, Hiring, and Retention of Nursing Faculty from Diverse Backgrounds

During this four-hour workshop, presenters discuss the importance of increasing diversity in nursing faculty, how it fosters a culture of academic and inclusive excellence, and cultural and climate barriers to retention. Participants will leave with strategies to develop, implement, or enhance their strategic and intentional recruitment plan.