CNL Certification Ambassadors

Be a leader among your Clinical Nurse Leader peers – become a CNL Certification Ambassador!

The Commission for Nurse Certification (CNC) invites you to join our growing network of CNL Certification Ambassadors and help spread the word about the unique expertise certified CNLs bring to healthcare delivery. As you know, CNL certification is a mark of professionalism that signals to patients and colleagues that you are a high qualified nursing care provider. As a CNL Certification Ambassador, the CNC will provide you with resources and guidance to facilitate your efforts to:

  • Promote CNL certification activities in your state or region
  • Share your experience as a CNL with students, researchers, and the public to advance the CNL role
  • Serve as a speaker to promote CNL certification
  • Notify CNC of upcoming education events scheduled in your state/region that may serve as a venue to promote the CNL role and/or CNL certification
  • Distribute CNL promotional material at local events
  • Serve as an advisor to CNC’s Marketing Committee

View the CNL Certification Ambassador Fact Sheet.

Service as an Ambassador provides you with rich networking opportunities and widespread recognition as a CNL. As an Ambassador, recognition includes:

Ambassadors will receive 1 contact hour per year towards the general contact hour requirement for recertification.

CNL Certification Ambassadors also serve as a resource for the CNL Certification Program. 

Contact a CNL Certification Ambassador, if you are...

  • Seeking a speaker to advance CNL certification;
  • Promoting CNL certification;
  • Collecting CNL profiles for research purposes; or,
  • Seeking professional experiences about the CNL certification process

For press inquiries, contact Robert Rosseter, AACN’s Chief Communications Officer.