Virginia association of colleges of nursing

About VACN


VACN’s mission is to advance the quality of baccalaureate and graduate nursing education in Virginia in order to improve health care.


  1. Support the development and implementation of quality baccalaureate and graduate education in nursing.
  2. Promote alliances and collaboration to create a preferred future for nursing and nursing education.
  3. Provide a network of support for academic nursing leaders.
  4. Influence legislation and regulatory policies that affect nursing, health care delivery and higher education.
  5. Increase the visibility and understanding of the role of nursing and nurses particularly baccalaureate and advance practice nurses in the health care system and in the community.

VACN Executive Committee FY 2019-2021

Melody Eaton
James Madison University
Term Ends June 30, 2023
Shanna Akers
Liberty University
Term Ends June 30, 2022

Cheryl Oetjen
George Mason University
Term Ends June 30, 2023

Kimberly Little
Longwood University
Term Ends June 30, 2022
  Kimberly Little
Jessica Sharp
Bluefield College
Term Ends June 30, 2022