5B Trailblazing Innovation | Integrating the Documentary 5B into Nursing Education

Trailblazing Innovation


A Tool Kit for Integrating the Documentary 5B into Nursing Education

Nurses are called to meet individuals where they are and deliver person-centered care. They are often placed in situations where they must lead to better meet the needs of the communities entrusted to their care. To fulfill their commitment to preserving health and protecting patients, nurses must demonstrate moral courage, moral agency, autonomy, and innovative problem-solving when confronting new challenges and threats to public safety.

For those new to nursing, the award-winning documentary 5B provides a powerful, real-life look at the tremendous impact nurses can have on providing care to patients and communities at risk. Commissioned by Johnson & Johnson, this compelling documentary depicts the challenges of providing health care during the earliest days of the AIDS crisis, showcases the essential roles nurses play as patient advocates, innovative problem solvers, and leaders in healthcare redesign. Today’s nurse must embody the spirit of the nurses from 5B and practice person-centered care with ingenuity, advocating for care recipients, and compassionately valuing each individual they interact with, while also recognizing the need for self-care.

Nurse faculty are called to prepare new nurses to provide quality care and lead in an environment undergoing rapid change. This critical work calls for faculty to teach the importance of navigating complexity while working to build equitable systems wherever they practice. 5B can serve as an excellent teaching tool to help faculty achieve these goals.