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5B Instructional Guide

For students new to nursing, 5B can serve as an effective teaching tool to inspire new clinicians to fully embrace their roles as professional nurses and essential care providers. The nurses featured in the documentary will help students better understand the impact they can have on protecting individuals and communities at risk, how to lead through innovation and seek new approaches to person-centered care, the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration, and how to prevail as a patient advocate in an atmosphere of fear, uncertainty, and chaos. The parallels between the nurses on the frontlines of the AIDS crisis with nurses providing care during the COVID-19 pandemic are apparent and will generate lively conversation.

When considering what themes and teachable moments to pull from this documentary, shining examples exist to underscore the importance of developing skills in the areas of leadership, communication, problem solving, advocacy, and moral courage, which are essential to professional nursing practice. The documentary can help highlight the nurse’s role in recognizing and respecting individual patient needs, protecting human dignity, challenging the status quo, advocating for health equity, and focusing on resilience as vital to providing safe patient care.

To make the most of this tool kit, faculty and curriculum designers are encouraged to:

  • View 5B and determine where this documentary might be used in your programs to augment existing curriculum and content (i.e., incorporating the documentary into leadership and innovation courses).
  • Start in-class or online discussions using the conversation starters featured in this tool kit, including the Reflection exercises under the Key Themes, the Teachable Moments featuring video clips, and discussion questions suggested for nursing ceremonies.
  • Host a special screening of 5B for the entire academic community and your practice partners – maybe during National Nurses Week in May – and have your nursing students lead discussions about quality care and risk taking.
  • Review the Teaching Exemplars and contact schools currently using 5B in their courses to seek advice.
  • Participate in an upcoming online discussion hosted by AACN and encourage your students to initiate their own discussions on one of the documentary’s Key Themes or even one of the Glossary Terms.
  • Register for upcoming webinars and conferences focused on 5B, and revisit this content with on-demand viewing after the live events are over.
  • Assign readings from the Reference section and encourage students to consider this body of research for future papers and discussions.