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Teachable moments from 5B

The inspiring stories and courageous nurses featured in 5B invite conversation and reflection. The following video segments have been culled from the documentary to help frame discussions of some of the key themes and issues depicted in the documentary.  Seed questions are included for your consideration.

Clip #1: Caring vs. Curing

“You have to get out of the mode that you’re here for curing people, and really get into the mode that you’re here to care for people.”

Seed Questions:

  • What is the difference between curing someone and caring for them?
  • Are nurses responsible for curing, caring, or both?
  • What are tangible actions by the nurse that illustrate caring?
  • How do you understand the impact of caring on patient outcomes?
  • Should/could this philosophy be applied to all nursing interactions?
  • How does this statement relate to the Nursing Code of Ethics?


Clip #2: Duty of Care

“Nurses cannot legally, ethically refuse to care for anyone. If it is within our capability to do so, then we have to do it.”

Seed Questions:

  • Besides fear, what do you think motivated the nurses who refused to give care?
  • As a Registered Nurse, do we ever have the right to refuse care?
  • In what instances would this be acceptable?
  • Did the nurses from 5B have the right to tell other nurses how to give care to patients that were HIV+ in other units of the hospital?


Clip #3: Marginalized Patients

“I’ve seen the patients being marginalized, and I just found it infuriating.”

Seed Questions:

  • Should there be consequences if nurses refuse to treat patients?
  • How do you care for patients whose lifestyles and backgrounds are different from your own?
  • What are your thoughts about lifestyle and behavioral choices and the correlation with heath?
  • How would you communicate and discuss potential consequences of lifestyle choices with patients?


Clip #4: Fear

“I was ready, but I was scared.”

Seed Questions:

  • What are some verbal and non-verbal behaviors on the part of the nurse that indicates he/she is anxious or fearful about working with a patient population?
  • What are implications for patient care when this occurs?
  • What strategies/actions can be put in place to mitigate impact on patient care?
  • How does the action of the nurses relate to the Nursing Code of Ethics?


Clip #5: New Models of Care

“This is a battle for control over the standard of practice for the hospital.”

Seed Questions:

  • What role can nurses play in shaping standards of practice?
  • Is this the battle described in 5B a fight that nurses are trained to win?


Clip #6: Parallels with the Pandemic

“The hysteria, the fear-mongering, how some people politicized it … and all those things. If we don’t remember that, that will happen again.”

Seed Questions:

  • What parallels can you draw between nursing’s response to HIV/AIDS and COVID-19?
  • What is the nurse’s role in addressing misinformation?
  • How do politics impact nursing practice?


Clip #7: Patient Advocacy

“The nurses were the real heroes. They stood up when nobody else would.”

Seed Questions:

  • What does it mean to be a patient advocate?
  • Since nurses spend the most one-on-one time with patients, how important should their voice be in redesigning health care?


Clip #8: Reciprocal Relationships

“Because you work at such an interpersonal level, that level of loss was there too.”

Seed Questions:

  • How do nurses benefit from the nurse-patient relationship?
  • Does this change over the developmental journey of the nurse?
  • How important is empathy?  Can empathy be learned?


Clip #9: Caregiver Support

Seed Questions:

  • What does support for the nurse and other providers look like?
  • What are the short and long-term consequences of provider support?


Clip #10: End of Life

“People died but we made a difference in the way they died.”

Seed Questions:

  • Are nurses well-prepared to provide end-of-life care?
  • What should nurses consider when providing care to terminal patients?
  • In a hospital unit where death is almost a certainty for every patient, is it appropriate to look for life and laughter and joy?
  • How is this thought innovative for nurses and nursing?


Clip #11: Being Subversive

“Nurses are subversive. I didn’t know I was being used like that… I love it.”

Seed Questions:

  • What are your thoughts on nurses being described as subversive?
  • What risks are acceptable for nurses to take?
  • Should nurses engage with the media to tell their stories?
  • What must a nurse consider before talking to the press?


Clip #12: Challenging Environments

“How could you not provide the care you know how to do.”

Seed Questions:

  • What are your thoughts about potential health consequences to the nurse working in challenging health situations?
  • What are system-wide (profession, institution, unit) safeguards and actions that should be in place to support nurses working in challenging environments?