Dean and Faculty Resources

State Grassroots Liaisons

AACN recognizes that its State Grassroots Liaisons (SGLs) are essential in the organization’s ability to advance AACN’s Federal Policy Agenda. These member Deans/Directors/Chairs, who have committed to volunteering their time as an SGL, understand the importance of strengthening relationships with Congressional offices and amplifying AACN’s unified advocacy voice. Personal connections to congressional districts and states are paramount to fostering collaboration. In addition, SGLs serve as expert resources to colleagues in their state and help inform Government Affairs (GA) staff about state-level policy issues. Learn More.

University Government Relations Collaborative (UGRC)

The purpose of the University Government Relations Collaborative (UGRC) is to provide university government relations (GR) staff a direct link to AACN’s Government Affairs department concerning nursing education advocacy initiatives and other federal policy work. This collaborative, with close to 100 members, strives to ensure that GR representatives are armed with the most current advocacy efforts to help promote a clear, consistent, and unified message to federal and state legislators on national nursing issues.  Learn More.

Faculty Policy Resources

View this page to learn more about the Faculty Policy Think Tank, the Faculty Policy Intensive, and view webinars about faculty policy issues. Learn More.