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Published June 24, 2020

Supreme Court Decision Blocks Termination of DACA Program

On June 18, the Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision, reversed the Trump Administration’s termination of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) relief program. This long-awaited decision comes after the Trump Administration attempted to rescind the DACA policy in 2017. DACA is a federal program created in 2012, which allows certain individuals who entered the United States as minors to stay lawfully in the United States. This decision impacts more than 600,000 individuals, which include healthcare workers and students.

AACN has opposed the termination of the DACA program and has diligently worked to support these individuals and students by:

While the Supreme Court ruling certainly provides a win for DACA, the Administration could still attempt to terminate or roll back the program. While unlikely, any potential actions to roll back DACA would most likely be met with additional litigation and legislative activity. To that end, AACN will continue to advocate for DACA recipients and support any legislative and regulatory efforts. 

All of Us Research Program Joins the Fight Against COVID-19

The All of Us Research Program, spearheaded by the National Institutes of Health, announced new efforts to contribute to the fight against COVID-19. All of Us will provide new insights into the pandemic by tapping into its large and diverse participant base using a three-pronged approach, including widespread antibody testing, a COVID-19 Participant Experience (COPE) Survey, and collection of individual electronic health records. These efforts will allow for a better understanding of COVID-19, the impact it has on the population, including communities of color, and equip public health authorities with the information and data needed to implement more effective measures to flatten the curve. For more information on this initiative, click here.

AACN FY 2021 Appropriations Update: Momentum Building

On June 22, AACN sent letters to the House and Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies (LHHS-ED) reiterating our Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 funding requests of at least $278 million for Title VIII Nursing Workforce Development Programs and $182 million for the National Institute of Nursing Research. In addition, these letters encouraged the Committees to consider supplemental funding for these vital programs as we confront the COVID-19 pandemic. 

While the Senate’s consideration of FY 21 appropriations is yet to be scheduled, the House LHHS-ED consideration is expected to begin on July 7. AACN will continue to work with our coalition partners to advocate for these essential programs throughout this public health challenge and into the upcoming fiscal year. For more information, check out AACN’s appropriations webpage and for live updates and new developments, please follow us on Twitter @AACNPolicy.

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