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Explore videos from first movers and thought leaders focused on achieving competency-based nursing education and implementing the Essentials. The videos include Implementation Spotlights from member schools, which feature practical tips and action steps, and Conversations on Competency-Based Education with insights from nurse leaders and noted experts. To submit a video to be featured, complete this form.

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Implementation Spotlights 

Dr. Bimbola Akintade

Dean and Professor
East Carolina University

Dr. Jackie Barber

Morningside University

Dr. Jackie Dunbar-Jacob

University of Pittsburgh

Dr. Maeve Howett

Associate Dean for Baccalaureate Education
University of Maryland


Conversations on Competency-Based Education


What is Competency-Based Education (CBE)?

Used to define quality in nursing education, the AACN Essentials outline the necessary curriculum content and expected competencies of graduates from baccalaureate, master’s, and Doctor of Nursing Practice programs. In this video, Dr. Jacquelyn McMillan-Boeher of the Duke University School of Nursing shares six elements that distinguish competency-based education (CBE) from traditional educational models.

Conversations on Academic-Practice Partnerships

In this video, our President and CEO, Dr. Deborah Trautman, and Dr. Robyn Begley, CEO of the American Organization for Nurse Leaders (AONL), discuss the advancement of the AACN Essentials and the importance of collaboration between academia and practice.

The Dean's Role in Competency-Based Education (CBE)

In this video, Dr. Julie Zerwic, who serves as Dean of the University of Iowa School of Nursing guides fellow deans with insights on defining CBE, forging vital partnerships with practice allies, engaging stakeholders, and securing funding for educational evolution. This video offers invaluable guidance for those looking to reshape nursing education. 


Using Simulation on the Path to CBE

This video features Dr. Carol Durham from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, who shares her insights on ways to leverage simulation on the path to AACN Essentials implementation and CBE.

Community Impact, DEI, and Data Sharing

This video features Dr. Janelle Sokolowich from Western Governor's University, who discusses the AACN Essentials and its community impact and the integration of diversity, equity, and inclusion. She also discusses the importance of data sharing and AACN's Vision for Sharing Data and Information Across Nursing Education, Practice, and Regulation.

CBE Across the Health Professions

This video features Dr. Jonathan Amiel from Columbia University, who discusses how nurse faculty can use AACN's Guiding Principles for Competency-Based Education and Assessment, and how all health professions can benefit from integrating a competency-based approach.

Virtual Vendor Showcase

Join Us on December 5 for the AACN Virtual Vendor Showcase!

In response to member requests, AACN is sponsoring a virtual Vendor Showcase to spotlight services and tools available to assist with your school’s Essentials implementation efforts. Planned for December 5, this event will be free for AACN member deans and faculty who are considering technology solutions focused on curriculum mapping and competency tracking. Watch for more details in the coming months, including information on how to register.

For inquires, please email vendorshowcase@aacnnursing.org.