AACN Response to the Legislative Actions Impacting DEI

AACN continues to monitor legislative action impacting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) across the country, and we stand firm in our commitment to our nursing schools and to the overarching goal of ensuring equitable health care for all people. To achieve that goal, we will continue to champion DEI while promoting the development of a more diverse and inclusive student, staff, and faculty population. We encourage our member schools to be highly informed of not only the legislation, but on strategies to address proposed or passed legislation. To provide an understanding of the legislative landscape, The Chronicle of Higher Education provides a detailed DEI Legislation Tracker which shows where anti-DEI legislation has been proposed or passed, including links to the senate or house bill  introduced in a specific state. AACN and other national organizations are providing webinars to identify strategies for addressing legislation that would limit or remove diversity, equity, and inclusion from higher education. AACN continues to review different strategic approaches to amplify our voice and show support to schools specifically in these DEI restrictive states, while also carefully examining the impact of future decisions. We are here and stand ready to assist our member schools.